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Anthony is a passionate apprentice at The Hair Room who discovered a profound fascination for the beauty industry through the artistry of makeup and the captivating world of drag. In 2020, he embarked on an exciting journey by enrolling at the Makeup Designory, where the initial spark of curiosity transformed into an enduring love for both makeup and hair. With unwavering determination and a desire for knowledge, Anthony's path led to the prestigious Parisian Beauty Academy shortly thereafter. This journey of exploration and self-discovery ultimately led Anthony to the heart of our salon, where they enthusiastically joined our apprentice program.

As an eager and dedicated apprentice, Anthony is committed to continuous growth and evolution as a burgeoning stylist. With a special love for color and extensions, Anthony aspires to master the art of transforming hair into a canvas of self-expression. Believing that a person's hair plays a vital role in their mental well-being, Anthony is dedicated to helping guests achieve the hair of their dreams, fostering not just outer beauty but also inner confidence and self-esteem.

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