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/sip with a b - L/
Stylist & bridal specialist

Born and raised in North New Jersey, Sibel was a bubbly teenager with a natural affinity for the beauty industry, and was frequently encouraged to pursue hair by her dad. She finally decided to listen - in cosmetology school she quickly realized he was right: this was what she was meant to do with her life.

After working in NYC for the majority of her career Sibel journeyed back to the other side of the river. After the structure of a corporate setting, the open and creative environment at The Hair Room JC was exactly what she needed. 

As a bubbly adult, in the fun, stylish and growing Jersey City, cutting and styling are her specialties but she's obsessed (and crazy talented) with color.

fun facts

Why do you love this industry?
I love making people feel good about themselves.  I love that there's always room to grow, improve, and build relationships with my guests.
What do you love about Jersey City?
The neighborhood is full of super trendy and friendly fashionistas.
5 things you can't live without:
Leave-in conditioner, mascara, sunshine, a great pair of heels, and food (ALL food!)
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