/SAH - RUH - P./

Born in raised in Austin Sarah has seen the city transform over the last 2+ decades. At a young age she fell in love with styling her own hair, she was no stranger to kitchen scissors. Taking that love to the next step Sarah attended Avenue 5 Institute in Austin and graduated in 2019. She got right into the salon world after graduating, with a heavy focus on creative cuts and color (ie. Shags, mullets, curly/wavy styles). Using lots of razor techniques Sarah is able to get lots of texture and movement in all her styles. Sarah has been focusing more on expanding her portfolio with shaved/painted hair designs. She loves anything out of the box so if you are looking for something creative and different she’s is your girl!

On her days off she likes to likes to rest, recharge, watch movies, roller skate, and spend time with her friends/family. Sarah being an Austin native loves trying all the new foods spots that pop up around town. Sarah loves trying new hobbies, she’s down for just about anything!

To get the coolest hair in Austin book with Sarah you will not be disappointed.

fun facts

Why do you love this industry?
I love how many opportunities there are to explore and being able to help people feel their best!
What do you love about austin?
I love being out in nature and live entertainment!
5 things you can't live without:
Family, friends, caffeine, music, and movies!