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Don't Be Fooled By Our News!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

♥ we're no fools to april. ♥

1). It's National Brunch Month. Clink the bubbly with only the best and your besties.

2). Follow the trail of Easter Eggs at Hamilton Park! 3). Help Central Ave be cooler, greener, and beautiful! 4). Nothing wrong with being a little blue. Keep the spirit alive!

5). Stay hydrated with a little twist.

the salon, part too + you!

JC, ATX, It's All THR.

We got you covered for your best hair day across the country!

Save a horse, and take a seat in our chairs instead down in Austin! We are gearing up for its opening very, very, VERY soon. And, we have new Southern babes ready to snip and clip locks like our very own crew up here. Maybe we'll see you down there. 😉 Follow our progress 'til our grand opening here! Wanna tip your stylist and don't have cash or Venmo? Meet Tippy! We have a Tippy tablet prepared to help make gratuity easy as pie at both locations. A small processing fee is included in all transactions when choosing Tippy as an option for tipping our team. ready to book your next appointment? need to phone a babe?

Visit our website here or call:

Part Too: 201.208.4697

Bae St (Formerly OG): 551.689.2045

Please feel free to reach out to us through email at

Any new color guest to our salon will be required to fill out our new 'Color Inquiry' form on the main page of our website.


♥ ciro's our new part too hero ! ♥

Meet our newest babe at THR, Ciro! He is our newest Front Desk Enthusiast and will be your point of contact for any customer service issues over at our PART TOO location.






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