It's real y'all! I love the idea of a photo like this that showcases the beauty in what I love to do. I am the rare salon owner who loves the behind the scenes more than the behind the chair.

Sidebar: I love and appreciate every single one of my guests because THEY allow me to be able to do what I do.

It's because I've always been an aspiring entrepreneur. I wrote my first business plan when I was in elementary school (it was a bath salt company). I formed my first charity in 6th grade called G.F.H.O. (Girl Friends Helping Out), I basically forced all my friends to learn choreography and we would perform at local nursing homes.

The organization, meetings, networking, events, brainstorming, bills, payroll, the marketing - I live for that shit. But more than anything I love the training, the encouraging, the inspiring. I never had to be the best at what I did, but I did want to be part of something bigger than myself.

My struggle is twofold: on one side I consider what it would be like to completely walk away from my chair. Every salon owner I admire has said that the moment they stopped working behind the chair they were finally able to start working on their business. I can relate to that and see how my attention can be misdirected from the overall picture when I'm focused on one person. But in true stubborn Anatalie fashion "I don't wanna" give up my guests just yet. The trust we have built, the creativity they allow me to explore, the conversations - I still need that more than ever. So though I will be pulling back even more from behind the chair to focus on The Hair Room's future endeavors, I'm not gone just yet.

On the other side I've discovered through therapy that my ADHD is holding me back from a lot of things in my life. I've always been highly functional at all of my vices and I also struggle with feeling vulnerable - I refuse to be. What I use to consider "normal" behavior of HAVING to write everything down, ideas/thoughts "dropping" out of my head quickly, forgetting where my things are, impulsively making decisions and dealing with the consequences later. All of these issues not only effect me personally but professionally. With the help of my therapist and psychiatrist I will be getting back on medication that will help me regulate and calm my thoughts. This will allow me to lead more effectively and hopefully influence even more success to my business.

Self care is so important, but so is self awareness. It's ok to vulnerable about what you struggle with but it's oh so important to ensure you are taking care of you!



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