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/JE - nuh/

I'm Jenna, a passionate hairstylist and creative color specialist with a love for all things hair and art. With 8 years of experience behind the chair, I consider myself both an artist and a visionary, always seeking to push the boundaries of hair design. Beyond the salon, I channel my creativity into painting, drawing, and sewing, and put all my energy into every project I take on. Whether it's a canvas or a client's hair, I know its going to be fun and creative!

Always learning and staying up to date with the latest trends is a priority for me. I thrive on challenging color corrections, where my perfectionism gets a chance to shine. My guests can always count on me to give my all, dedicating 110% to each collaboration. What truly sets me apart is my love for the hairstyling community. I thrive on supporting and learning from my fellow stylists, and I believe that together, we can create incredible transformations.

Outside of work, my personality is characterized by happiness, bubbliness, and friendliness. And if you ever wonder what brings me joy when I'm not in the salon, it's being a proud and loving dog mom to my adorable toy Aussie, Nala.

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