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Decemeber 7th

Meet Gianna, a passionate hairstylist whose journey with hair began in her grandmother's salon, where perms and chunky highlights were the vibe. From those early memories of childhood excitement, Gianna's love for hair has evolved into an art form that brings confidence and transformation to her guests. Fantasy colors, especially pink, hold a special place in Gianna's heart.

On her days off, you might spot her on the volleyball court, caught up listening to crime podcasts, or at the dog park with her Dachshund, Bean. Her creativity also extends beyond the salon through her cute and captivating TikToks.

Gianna's journey from running around her grandmother's salon to becoming a hairstylist is a testament to her passion and dedication. With a keen eye for innovation, an ever-growing skill set, and a heart full of enthusiasm, Gianna continues to transform hair into works of art and empower her guests to embrace their individuality.

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