/air - ree - cuh/


As a stylist and colorist in both New Jersey and New York since 2013, Erica is dedicated to elevating guest experience through effective communication, focus on detail and customization of final looks which enhance and celebrate a guest's lifestyle and personality.  She focuses on freehand painting techniques,  highlights, creative color, cuts and is a certified extension specialist. Above all, Erica's vision for her guest is to find a renewed sense of confidence; to feel like the best version of themselves.

fun facts

Why do you love this industry?
Our shared connections with the fashion, art and design industries challenge and renew the concept of what beauty could be-- there is always inspiration to be found!
What do you love about Jersey City?
As my hometown, I love to see this city advancing, evolving and embracing positive changes! Also Akon is from here :)
5 things you can't live without:
adventure, neon orange, books, family & pets

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